What is My Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is the control center of your advertising account. Once logged in, you can monitor the performance of your entire package, view each component of your account and make or request changes as necessary.

 *Your account may not include all sections listed below depending on your current advertising package

 My Tasklist

Your tasklist is an ongoing group of actions that we recommend you follow in order to maximize your ad package results.  Simply click on the specific tasks to learn more and what steps to take.

Recent Activity

Recent activity is a feed that lists the various types of actions that resulted when customers recently engaged with your ads or business pages.

Your most recent activity will show on the homepage and you can always see more activity by clicking on "View More".

View Ad Activity

In the View Ad activity tile, you can see your recent activity, your lifetime exposure and your lifetime actions. You will also be able to access your contacts and messages at the bottom of this page.

Track Phone Traffic and Contacts


This tile will allow you to access your contacts and messages.  One great way to maximize the amount of contacts and messages it to use our mobile embed tool!

Build and Edit My Ads

This tile will bring you to your ad management page.  From this page you can view and request edits to your banner ad, mobile ad and Facebook ad.


Manage My Video

This tile allows you to request edits to your video, watch your video (on YouTube) or share your video on Facebook.


Ad Placement

Your Ad Placement tile will bring you to your Target Marketing page.  This page will allow you to select the targeting type (Hyperlocal, Local, Regional) for your mobile ads that show on the Google Ad Network.


Coupon Leads

The Coupon Leads tile gives you the ability to add, delete and edit your coupons.  You can use our recommended coupons, or create your own.  You can also track the success of your coupons through how many total claims it receives, and also easily share your coupons on Facebook.


Performance Booster Tools


This tile brings you to your performance checklist of the website tools that are included in your ad package.  From here, you can get the embed code for your video and coupons and also our mobile website.  You will also find easy-to-follow directions on how to use these tools to enhance your current website.





















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