When creating your video our goal is to provide an accurate representation of your business.  One important factor is pronouncing your name or business name correctly.  Although the pronunciation of many names is obvious, some require special attention. If your name or business is pronounced in a special way, please see our helpful tips, so that you can advise us on how your name should be pronounced.

Separate each syllable

  • Place a hyphen between each syllable
    • Syllable = syl-la-ble
    • Constitution = con-sti-tu-tion
    • Seattle = se-at-tle

Breaking down words: Emphasis

  • Capitalize stressed/emphasized syllables the part of the word you give the most emphasis to
  • There may be more than one per word
    • Syllable = SYL-la-ble
    • Constitution = CON-sti-TU-tion
    • Seattle = se-AT-tle

Simplify consonants

  • Use the most basic sound
    • cIe: “C” can be “S” or “K”, use the “S” or “K”

Vowels become complex to indicate inflection

  • a, ah, aw, ay, eh, ee, ew, eye, ih, oe/oh, oo, ow, oy, uh
    • Syllable = SIHL-luh-bul
    • Constitution = KAWN-stih-TOO-shun
    • Seattle = see-AT-tul

To add pronunciation to your video script click on Edit Video Script in the Videos tab.


When editing the script in MyDS, spell the word as normal in context. Put pronunciation in quotation marks immediately following the word.



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