Submitting Your Own Banner

If you would like to use your own banner for your advertising package, the required size of our banner ads is 300x250 pixels. When your banner ad meets the sizing qualifications, please follow these 7 easy steps:


  1. Click on the "Build and edit my ads" tile that is located on underneath Manage My Ads and Video.




  1. Click on the "Make changes to your ads" tab which is located on the left hand side of your ads.

  1. Click on "Send Custom Requirements"


  1. A window will pop up where you will click Select located underneath Upload Your Own Ad or Custom Image.



5.  Click "Browse" and once you have selected your file, click "Next"



  1. Your file will appear under Upload Your Own Ad or Customer Image for you to preview. If you are satisfied click Save and Close.


  1. Your uploaded banner will then appear under the Comments, where your assigned producer will upload it to the dashboard for you to approve.









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