How Do I Add The Coupon Widget To My Website?

Convert more of your website visitors with special offers and generate extra revenue. Coupons are a proven tool for attracting new customers, earning repeat business, and increasing your average transaction with bundled services. You can easily add your coupons to your business website with your Coupon Widget.

Insight: 92% of consumers use coupons and spend an average of 83% more with coupons

Tip: Offer your customers a wide range of coupons to attract the most customers to your business.

Here’s how to add your Coupon Widget to your website:

  1. Open your business webpage and determine where you want your Coupon Widget to appear. We recommend adding it to your homepage so it will be seen by the most visitors.
  2. Access your website’s Content Management System or HTML code and locate where you need to paste your Coupon Widget code.
  3. Sign into and navigate to your "Coupons" in the top menu navigation to get your Coupon Widget code.
  4. Begin editing information on this page. Change any copy, replace or add more images, update your business location and business hours, method of payment, customer testimonials, etc.
  5. Paste the code into your website.

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