Video Overview

Your finished video montage is 45-60 seconds in length. Studies show that most viewers don’t watch a video for more than 36 seconds and only 5% of video viewers will watch a video past 1:30.  Below are some important facts about your video montage:

  • Includes a professional voice-over & background music.
  • You can either supply us with at least 10-12 high-resolution digital photos or we use high quality stock photos that fit with your industry (or do a combination of both).
  • Our creative team will tailor a script to your business in which you can review and/or edit to your preference. Once the script has been approved, it will be sent to the voice-over artist for them to record
  • You can embed the video on your own website.  Studies show that a website with a video is 50X more likely to appear on the first page of Google results!
  • If you do not approve your video, we will pause production on it.  If you would like to re-engage with your video, please contact our DataSphere Customer Success Team at (866) 912.7090



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