Banner Ad Best Practices

When we are creating your Banner Ad, we are following these design best practices.  Please keep these best practices in mind when you are requesting a revision to your Banner Ad:

Use a strong visual image to catch the users eye

    • Easily identifiable
    • Vibrant colors
    • Simple and large with little clutter

Create emotion in your call to action

    • Use short and concise power words/magic words
    • Create a need
    • NOTE – a discount or special offer is not always enough to do this

Identify the business

    • Use your company logo, colors, font styles
    • Use images/words that fit your business vertical

Provide a way to take action

    • Include appropriate contact information
    • Buttons are a great way to encourage actions
    • The words “Click Here” do not work, better to use words that apply (See Menu, Learn More, Get Started, Make Appointment)

Make it look cohesive and attractive

    • Can you tell at a glance of what the ad is for?
    • Is it generally visually appealing to the eye?
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