What is a Mobile Ad?

Mobile Ads are already included in your ad package and they will be shown to potential customers near your business when they browse 1,000s of mobile websites and apps. Our system automatically creates Mobile Ads using the business information provided and any coupon offers available, and will be updated as changes are made.

 To see what your Mobile Ad looks like, click on the "Build and edit my ads" tile. 

From there, you can click on the "Mobile" tab to view or request changes.

Your Mobile Ad will be shown to potential customers within a certain mile radius of your business to make sure that we are concentrating your exposure and driving the best results.  If you would like to view your ad viewing radius, click on the "Ad Placement" tile. 


From this page, you can view and even change your radius. 

Please note: We are continually testing all Mobile Ads for best performance. The layout and designs of our Mobile Ads change periodically based on the performance data.


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