How do I use my own images?

To use your own image on your Banner Ads, you will need to upload it to the Ad Manager page on your dashboard.

First, click the Build and edit my ads tile.

Dashboard Overview

Next, click on the Add Comment or File button found underneath the ads.


A box will appear in the center of your screen. Click the Select button, and a new box will appear.


You now have the option to either upload a personal image or select an image from our gallery. To upload a personal image, click the Browse… button to locate the desired image on your computer or drag-and-drop the image into the box below Upload a new file.


Lastly, click the blue Next button and then the Save & Close button. The image has now been uploaded into the comments section of the Ad Manager, and you will receive a message when your Producer has uploaded new ads for your review. To upload another image, simply repeat the process.

Remember, personal images cannot be used on Facebook ads.



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