How do I edit my coupons?

If you have an active coupon on your account, you can edit it at any time with your coupon manager.

From your dashboard homepage, click on the orange tile that reads Coupon leads.

Find the active coupon you would like to edit, and on the right-hand side you will see a Manage button with a drop-down arrow.  Click this button to see your options to Edit Coupon, Deactivate Coupon, and View Coupon on  Click on the Edit Coupon option to bring up the coupon in our Edit Coupon interface.

The Coupon Headline is the name of your coupon.  It is the name that your coupon will display on your website, your coupon widget, your Facebook ad, and your LocalSaver profile.


The Mobile Banner Ad Headline is the shortened ad title that will appear on your mobile banner.  (You may see different text if you have a custom mobile ad.)

Your Description shows viewers the additional details of your offer.  This is where you can explain the details of your offer, highlighting the value you can provide for your customers.

Your Limitations are the terms and conditions for your special coupon offers.  Here you can limit the coupon's value to new customers, single-use only, services over a certain price point, and more.

Use the gray button that reads Advanced Coupon Options to select whether you would like your coupon distributed to our extended coupon network, or if you would like to select start and end dates to your coupon.

When you are satisfied with your edits, click the blue Save Changes button to set the changes to your coupon to live.

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