What are the recommended coupons?

Your recommended coupons are pre-made coupons tailored for businesses like yours. They can be used as templates, which you can select to use directly or edit to reflect a customized offer. You can find them on your Coupon Manager page.


They will be at the top of your page if you currently do not have active coupons, and below your active coupons if you have current active coupons.  To add a new coupon from our recommended coupons, click on the blue Add This Coupon button. 


This will add the coupon to your account and will bring up a customization window which you can use to tailor the coupon to your business and add any limitations you need to include.


Not all business categories we support currently have recommended coupons.  If you do not see recommended coupons but would like some assistance in crafting a new one, or if you would like some additional help crafting an effective coupon that will promote your business, call our Customer Support team at 866-912-7090 or email us at

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