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Once you have completed and approved of your video, it is time to distribute it for the public to view.  We offer a variety of tools that you can use to share your video on multiple platforms.

We provide all approved videos with a unique embed code that will allow you to post your video directly on your website.  From your dashboard's overview page, click the red tile in the middle of the page that reads Manage my video.


If you have a preroll video included with your account, find the panel labeled as the video you wish to share and click the gray button to manage that video, either Manage this Video Montage or Manage this YouTube Pre-Roll.  On the following page, to the right of your video viewer, click the blue button that reads Get embed code.


If you manage your own website, you can add this code directly to your website's HTML code to generate the video on the page of your choice.  If you have a third-party webmaster who manages your website, copy and paste this code into an email and send it to them, and they can include the video for you.

After you approve your video, you can post it to your Facebook business page with a Facebook Share tool we provide directly on your Video Manager.  First, ensure that you are logged into your Facebook account.  Then, from our dashboard's overview, click the red tile in the middle of the page that says Manage My Video.  Below your video viewer, you will see a series of blue links, including a Facebook Share icon and a link to Watch on YouTube.


Click on the Share tool, then at the top of the following window, click the drop-down options to choose to Share on a Page You Manage, and then select your business page from the new drop-down box that will appear below the first box.  You can also include a caption on your video post.  When you are satisfied with your post, click the blue Post to Facebook button at the bottom of the page.  The post will then appear on your business page.

To post your video on other social media pages, we provide you with a link to your video on YouTube, which you can use to distribute your video on platforms including Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more.  On your Video Manager tool, click on the Watch on YouTube link.  This will bring up your video as it appears on our YouTube channel.  Below the video viewer, click on the Share button, and in the following pop-up window, click the icon for the profile that you would like to share your video with, and follow the following instructions to post the video there.


Please note that future changes to the video will in turn change your video's embed code.  When you approve of your video revision, you will be given a new embed code, which you can replace the previous code with.  It will also generate a new video to share on Facebook, and a new video on YouTube, which will typically become available within one hour of your video's approval on your Video Manager.

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