How do I know if my website is live?

To check if your website is live, first you will need to access your Website Manager Tool.  From your dashboard's overview page, click on the purple tile in the lower right-hand corner that reads Manage My Website.


On the following page, you will see either one or two blue buttons.  If you see only one button, it will read See Preview Website.  This means that your producer has finished their initial customizations of your website, but it has not been approved to go live.  You can click on this button to view a preview version of your website that is not publicly facing.


On your Website Manager Tool, you can leave a comment for your producer if you need further changes or to let them know you approve of the website design and are ready to make it go live.

If you see two buttons, the second button will read Visit Live Website.  This means that your website or landing page is currently live and publicly facing.  You can click on this button to be directed to your website or landing page.

If you have recently selected a website variation, the purple tile that reads Choose Your Website Variation or Manage My Website may not immediately appear.  This could mean that your website is under construction by your producer.  This process may take up to five business days and when it is available, you will receive an email with a link to review your constructed preview site.  If you do not receive a link to your site within this time, leave a comment for your producer on your Ad Manager or Video Manager pages

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