Website Best Practices

Our websites templates are pre-designed and edited by our producers to reflect current website best practices, but during the editing and personalization process, there are several key considerations to take into account.

Define Your Branding

First, consider the most important messages, both verbal and nonverbal, that you project in your advertising and in your business.  Let your producer know if you have a business slogan, a product or service that you would like to highlight, or a clarifying distinction to your business' in-house language (for example, if you refer to your employees as your "team," your "staff," or your "faculty."  Also, remember to let your producer know if you need to feature brand-specific colors or images on your website.  You can reach them with the Add Comment Or File button on the right-hand side of your Website Manager.


Call to Action

Choosing a strong call to action (CTA) will give your potential clear instructions on how to interact with your business.  Consider what you want your customers to do.  Do you want them to call your business?  Visit your location?  Send you an email?  Connect via social media?  Make an appointment or reservation?  The most successful advertising platforms—including websites—will openly encourage their viewers to take these actions.  Let your producer know if you need a specific CTA for your homepage or attached to one of your services.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Your website can also connect your customers to other platforms where they can learn more about and interact with your business.  At the bottom of your homepage, we can include links to your business' social media pages.  If you have previously included your links to Facebook and Twitter on your Enhance Your Profile page, they will automatically appear with your other contact information on the home page.  If you have other social media profiles, let your producer know and send them a link to these pages, and they can be sure to include those links alongside your Facebook and Twitter pages.  We can also add other links to social media profiles, scheduling sites, or other web pages to your About or Services pages.  Let your producer know if you need any links to outside websites.

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