How do I know if my ads are live?

Within one business day of the purchase of your account, your new Mobile Banner Ad and Facebook Ad will begin to circulate online. The Banner Ad begins to circulate once approved by you, but it will automatically set itself live after three days of its creation.

To ensure that your ads are live, you can visit the My Ad Activity page on your dashboard. To get there, click the View ad activity tile:


The My Ad Activity page allows you to see how your ads are performing on a daily and monthly basis. This page also allows you to view any and all messages that you received from potential customers.

If you would like to discuss your ad’s online performance with a Customer Support representative, you can reach them at 866-912-7090 from Monday – Friday, 7AM to 4 PM Pacific Time, email or submit a request.

If you would like to discuss creative changes to your ads, you may contact your Producer through the Ad Manager comments:



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