Video Best Practices

As key parts of your advertising package, your video montage and YouTube video ad are powerful tools for you to reach more potential viewers and deliver a concise message about your business.  Information presented in a video is usually retained in memory far longer and more accurately when compared to verbally or through text only.  Through every part of your video production process, there are certain techniques and practices that you should keep in mind that will maximize the impact and overall effectiveness of your video, so you can interact meaningfully with your audience.

Your Video's Script
Your video script is the backbone of your video.  Make sure that the message that you convey in your script is concise and directed to a clearly defined audience, whether that is people who have never interacted with your business before, clients who are actively looking for a representative, or a potential customer who may seek your services in the future.  Consider the average age of your customers, how far they live from your business, if yours is a product or a service they would typically use once or multiple times, and what problem they have that your business seeks to solve.  Then, craft your script to address these points.  Be sure to introduce your business by name in an engaging or reassuring way, and complete it with a call to action that directly tells the viewer the action you want them to make next (for example, "Call to schedule your appointment today!" or "Visit us online to learn more about what we can do for you!").

For best results, we limit the length of our videos to one minute, which allows for a script of approximately 150 words.  If your script greatly exceeds this limit, your producer may reach out to you with a suggestion to cut down the script to fit this length or open your script up for further editing.

Your Video's Content
When you select photos or video clips to use in your video, we strongly recommend selecting high quality photos that are clean, focused, and unedited.  Images and clips that are at least 640 x 480 pixels will look clear in a standard video viewer, though larger sizes will continue to improve your overall final product.  Because our videos are landscape oriented, we also strongly recommend selecting images that are also longer than they are wide.  If you take most of your photos on a cell phone, turn your device sideways to take a landscape-oriented photo.

Share Your Video
Once you are satisfied with your video and have given it your approval, it is time to promote it online.  If you have a website included in your advertising package, we will post your video directly on your website's homepage for you.  Your YouTube preroll ad will start showing within 24 hours in your local area.  In addition, after you approve your video, we will provide you with an embed code that you can use to add your video to your website, a Facebook Share tool that will allow you to post your video to your Facebook profile, and a link to your video on YouTube.  With these tools, you can post your video on other sites and pages that you manage in order to reach your audience on third-party platforms.

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