How do I create a coupon?

To create a coupon, from your Dashboard Overview page, click on the orange tile that says Coupon Leads.


This will bring you to the coupon editor, where you can build new coupons from our templates or select an option from our suggested coupons. There is no limit to the number of coupons you can run at any given point. You can select start and end dates for limited-time offers that will go online and expire when you direct them to.

Create a Recommended Coupon

To select and customize a suggested coupon, first find the recommended coupon that is closest to the offer you would like to promote and click the Add This Coupon button.


Your coupon will be automatically added, but you can still customize the coupon to specifically reflect your business, including changing the text on the coupon, the contents of the offer, and any specific restrictions that may apply. Click Manage next to the coupon to customize.


Create a Custom Coupon

To build a new coupon from our template, select the Create A Custom Coupon option below our recommended coupons.


In the following pop-up window, begin by selecting the type of coupon you would like to offer from Percent off, Money off, Free item, or Buy X Get Y. (If none of these fit the type of offer you would like to promote, we recommend selecting Free Item and adding the type of offer you would like to promote in the following field. You will have the chance to delete the word "Free" from the offer before you publish the coupon.) 


From there, you can add a brief description of the offer in the following fields.


Once you have added a short description of the offer, click on the blue Next Step button.


From here you can select any restrictions to apply to the coupon, including start and end dates for your offer.


Once you are satisfied with your selection, click Publish My Coupon to set the coupon to live. You will also be shown a new window to manage your coupon offer, where you can change the terms of your offer and the deal provided at any time.

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