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For many of your potential customers, your banner, mobile, or Facebook ad will be the first exposure that they will have to your brand, your products and services, and your solutions. Whether you choose to design your own banner ad in-house or entrust your advertising to our producers, we advise that you keep some key best practices in mind to ensure the greatest impact possible on the performance of your ad campaign.


Identify Your Business

When introducing your business to a new potential customer for the first time, it is key to identify your brand in a meaningful, memorable, and easily recognizable way.


Be sure to display your logo prominently on your banner and mobile ads. If your business name is not a part of your logo, include it clearly on your ads as well. If you have a prominent business slogan or prominent image that you showcase on your website or social media, showing it on your ads will also help present your core message and most important services to a future patron.


Use A Strong Visual Image To Catch The Users Eye

The visual appeal of your ad is critical to your ad's success, both in the photo or prominent image you choose and in the overall design of your ad.


You ad's image should be a clear and engaging representation of what your business has to offer, specifically from the perspective of your viewer. For example, a local bakery would benefit more if their ad depicted elegant custom cupcakes than if it showed a photo of kitchen utensils or their staff in uniform. Consider what your customer is looking for when they choose your business, and what problem they may have that you seek to solve, and choose a photo that represents this to your potential customers.

For your ad's design, choose vibrant, eye-catching colors that contrast well against your logo and photo, ideally in hues that compliment your logo. Be sure that your text, logo, and photo stand out from your background ideally with a strong contrast in colors. Consider mirroring the look of your website and previous advertising to create a sense of consistency and quick recognition across all of your advertising platforms.


Keep It Simple

While it can be tempting to be as informative as possible with your ad, when it comes to making a strong first impression, a simple ad with a clean layout is more likely to generate results.


 Furthermore, since all of our ads are clickable, a strong strategy is to create an ad with the intent of attracting people to click, then directing your ads to a dedicated page with the relevant information. Let your producer know in the comments of your ad manager if you have a special link that you want viewers who click your ads to be directed to.


Check Your Spelling

This may seem like an obvious step at first, but it remains a critical one for the overall success of your ads.


 Beyond your call to action and ad slogan, check your phone number, website, and business address for misspellings, both on ads you or your marketing team make and on ads built by your multimedia producer. These ads will serve as the first impression of your business to many viewers in your local area. Show that you take pride and care in even these small matters of your advertising to assure potential customers that you will also take care of their trust in you.

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