How do I know who claimed my coupon?

When someone claims your coupon, we record that information on your Ad Activity page, as well as keep a count of total claims of each coupon on your Coupon Manager.

To access your Ad Activity page, from the dashboard overview, click the teal tile in the upper-left that reads View ad activity.


On the following page, you will see a series of panels that include recent activity on your ads dating back up to 30 days before the present date, your impressions and actions totals for the last 30 days, your total exposure history to date, and contact information from specific trackable phone numbers, Facebook accounts, and email addresses, as well as a copy of any messages directly received through your LocalSaver profile, landing page, or website.  If a coupon was claimed within the last 30 days, you will be able to find that coupon in your Recent Activity panel, as well as the email address or mobile phone number that the coupon was claimed to (if the customer chose to share it.)


Because information in this panel only stays for 30 days, and because your potential customers will be more likely to respond to your coupon offer and become a paying customer, we strongly recommend reaching out to claimants on your coupons soon after your coupon was claimed, ideally within 1-2 days.  In the Contacts panel, you will see a list of all contact information collected from your coupons, as well as likes and comments on your Facebook ad, phone calls to your business from your mobile site, and messages sent to your email through any of our messaging tools.


To see how many people have claimed each of your coupons, from the dashboard overview, click on the orange tile in the lower-left that reads Coupon leads.


On the following Coupon Manager page, you can see each of your coupons, your current offers, and the number of claims on each coupon.


We recommend considering this information when you update your coupon offers and make similar special deals in the future that your customers will want to redeem.

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