How do I use the coupon embed code?

If you choose for us to build and maintain your business website, your coupons will automatically appear on your website on a Special Offers page.  If you built your own website or have a third-party webmaster, we provide you with a coupon widget tool that will generate your featured coupon on the page of your choice on your website.  From your dashboard's overview page, click on the orange tile in the lower left-hand corner that reads Coupon leads.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page below your recommended coupons to a section titled Add a Coupon Widget to your Website.  On the left-hand side of this section is a sample of how the coupon widget would appear on your website.  (Please note that if your coupon does not have a set expiration date, your widget will apply an expiration date set one month from the current date, which will update daily to continue to reflect a one-month expiration.)  To add this to your site, on the right-hand side of this section, copy the text featured in the text box.


If you manage your own website, you can add this code directly to your website's HTML code to generate the coupon widget on the page of your choice.  If you have a third-party webmaster who manages your website, copy and paste this code into an email and send it to them, and they can include the coupon widget for you.

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