Take Advantage of Coupons

Your coupons will only be effective tools to drive your marketing if you can distribute them to as many potential customers as possible.  There are a few key techniques you can keep in mind to ensure your coupons reach a broad audience in your local area.

Use a Variety of Offers
First, take advantage of a variety of coupon offers.  Our advertising packages have no limit on the number of coupons that we can support, and while you may not want to have a special offer for every product or service you offer, we recommend creating a variety of coupons that will appeal to many different types of customers.  Offer a broad, valuable offer to appeal for new customers to give your unique brand a try for the first time, and a number of short-term coupons with pre-set expiration dates to persuade returning customers to redeem them as soon as possible.

Add Coupons to Your Website
If you choose us to build and maintain your business website, your coupons will automatically appear on your website on a Special Offers page.  If you built your own website or have a third-party webmaster, to include your featured coupon on your website, we provide you with a coupon widget tool that will generate your featured coupon on the page of your choice on your website.  From your dashboard's overview page, click on the orange tile in the lower left-hand corner that reads Coupon leads.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page below your recommended coupons to a section titled Add a Coupon Widget to your Website.  On the left-hand side of this section is a sample of how the coupon widget would appear on your website.  (Please note that if your coupon does not have a set expiration date, your widget will apply an expiration date set one month from the current date, which will update daily to continue to reflect a one-month expiration.)  To add this to your site, on the right-hand side of this section, copy the text featured in the text box.


If you manage your own website, you can add this code directly to your website's HTML code to generate the coupon widget on the page of your choice.  If you have a third-party webmaster who manages your website, copy and paste this code into an email and send it to them, and they can include the coupon widget for you.

Share Coupons on Social Media
In addition, we also provide a Facebook share tool so you can post your coupons to your business Facebook page, to your personal profile, or to another page that you manage.  Sharing your coupons to Facebook is another great way to generate buzz in your community regarding your special offers.  On your Coupon Manager page, choose which offer you would like to share to your Facebook page, and on the right-hand side, click the blue Share button.


On the top of the following window, click the drop-down options to choose to Share on a Page You Manage, and then select your business page from the new drop-down box that will appear below the first box.  You can also include a caption on your coupon post.  When you are satisfied with your post, click the blue Post to Facebook button at the bottom of the page.  The coupon offer will then appear on your business page.

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