Can I use my own images?

Yes, we can use your own images on any location on your website.

Hero Image

The main image on the top of your website is called your Hero Image.


Because of the size and prominence of this image on your website, we strongly recommend selecting a high-quality photo to use as your Hero image, no less than 1920 x 480 pixels landscape oriented.  If you have a quality image on file that you would like to use, you can send it to your producer on your Website Manager, using the Add Comment Or File button.


Please note in your comment that you would like to use the image you send as your Hero image.

Internal Pages
The images on your home page, services page, and about page can also be updated with your own images.  These images do not have to be as high quality as your Hero image, but we generally recommend selecting images at least 640 x 480 pixels (landscape oriented) for your home page and services page, and images at least 480 x 640 pixels (portrait oriented) for your About page.

Gallery Images
Your gallery images are directly editable on your Enhance Your Profile page. 


From the dashboard, click the Profile drop down menu in the upper right, then click Enhance Your Profile, then scroll down to the list of images in the middle of the page.


You can click the button beside any image to remove it and use the button below them to add additional media.  Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page when you are done to make the changes live.  This will allow you to make updates to your gallery as often as you need to.

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