How do I use the mobile website code?

Currently, our reps are not able to add your mobile website code to your website directly to protect the integrity of your website and the privacy of your website's or webmaster's account information.  You can complete the process on your end with our step-by-step instructions.

Embedding this code will make your website mobile friendly, as well as help your marketing package generate more actions through our email contact forms, and coupon claim tracking.

To complete this process you will need to get your mobile embed code from your dashboard.  From your dashboard overview, click the pink tile in the lower center of your page that reads Performance booster tools.


From here, click the Get the Mobile Website tile on the left-hand side of the page.


 On the following page, you will find the embed code on the lower right panel.


Copy and paste the code into the <head> section of your website's HTML code, or send the code to your webmaster and they can add it. If you're using our website, this code won't be necessary as all of our websites are already mobile optimized.

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