How often should I change my ads?

For best results on your ads, we recommend running each ad long enough to distribute it to as wide of an audience as possible. This is because the average potential customer is not ready to make a purchase when they first see an advertisement, and they may need to see the same ad two or three more times before they decide whether to interact with your business.  For your banner ad and mobile ad, we recommend running your ad for at least two months, though most of our customers see the best results when their ads run for three or more months. Your producer can make edits to your ads on a quarterly basis, or once every three months.  Therefore, if you seek to advertise for a specific event, make sure your producer knows as soon as possible so they can craft an ad that will be relevant even at the end of this period.

Your video can feature a change in the voice over, script, overall design, photos featured, or video clips used.  We allow for quarterly updates on your video, or approximately once every three months.

Your producer can make edits to your website whenever you need them, as frequently as you request them.  However, we generally recommend keeping the overall look of your website consistent with your branding.  Changing your website's overall look too frequently can confuse customers and weaken trust in your brand.  Across all edits of your website, ensure that your business name is prominently displayed and that your website colors are reflective of your logo or chosen brand colors.

For all pieces of your advertising campaign, your producer can make significant changes to brand information (such as a new logo) or contact information (such as a new website or phone number) at any point, even if your last edit was within the last three months.  Please allow 1-2 business days for your producer to make the requested changes and for the new ads to go live.

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