What is the mobile website code?

For customers who have their own websites that are not already mobile optimized, we provide a mobile website code that will generate a phone-friendly site with the information you have included on your Basic Information and Enhance Your Profile pages, a click-to-call button, and a form that the visitor can use to message your business via email.  When applied to your website, it will be accessible to viewers who visit your website on their mobile device.

To locate your mobile website code, from your dashboard overview, click the pink tile in the lower center of your page that reads Performance booster tools.


From here, click the Get the Mobile Website tile on the left-hand side of the page.


On the following page, you will see three panels: one titled Preview that features an example of our mobile website tailored for your business, a second titled Website Editor that will allow you to change your logo and mobile website colors, as well as quick links back to your Coupon Manager, Basic Information, and Additional Information pages to customize your site, and a third with your mobile website code that you can copy to add to your websites, with links to additional instructions for how to add the code to your own site or to email your code to your third-party webmaster.


If you choose to use the website design that we create for you, you will also automatically receive a mobile-optimized website that reflects your desktop site, so you can skip this step.

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