Ads Overview (Banner, Mobile, & Facebook)

Our ad packages include three types of static ads: Banner Ads, Mobile Ads, and Facebook Ads.  Each of these ads display on different platforms and have different display requirements, and all can be edited by your producer to fit your business and your special offers.

To locate the preview versions of your ads, first log in to your dashboard.


From the Overview page, click the green tile on the left-hand side that reads Build and edit my ads.  On the following Ad Manager page, you will see three tabs that will allow you to review your banner ad, your mobile ad, and your Facebook ad.


There will also be a comment section that you can use to notify your producer on any specific changes you need to your ads, with a comment history where you can review prior correspondence with your producer.

Banner Ad
Your banner is a medium-sized ad that is 300 x 250 pixels, landscape oriented, that will post on your local news station site (either the home page, the article pages, or the mobile site accessible by mobile devices).


The ad will be on random rotation with other ads in your local area, so you may need to refresh your news page a few times to increase the changes that your ad will appear, or try again at a period of low traffic to the site.  It is a clickable ad that will direct viewers to either your LocalSaver profile, your website, or your landing page.  Be sure to let your producer know in the comments if you need the ad to appear on a certain page.

During the production process, your Multimedia Producer will create an ad proof that will include the most important information about your business, including your logo, your business name, your business’ contact information, and a relevant image that reflects your services.  When your producer uploads a new banner, you will receive a notification in your inbox.  Banner ads automatically approve three days after they appear on your Ad Manager page unless you request more time or a hold on all approvals.  If you have specific images or text that you wish to include on your ad, you can let them know or send files with the “Add Comment or File” button in your comment section.

Mobile Ad
Your mobile ad is a small rectangular ad that is 320 x 50 pixels, landscape oriented.


It will appear on the Google Adwords mobile network, which distributes ads to hundreds of the most searched mobile sites online.

Because this ad is small and will be seen on mobile devices, we generally recommend taking a minimalist approach to your mobile ad.  We include your logo, an ad message or a special offer, and sometimes an image that reflects your services.  This ad is also clickable, and when someone taps on your ad on their mobile phone, they will be directed to either your LocalSaver profile, your website, or your landing page.

Facebook Ad
Your Facebook ad is a large, prominent ad that will appear in Facebook newsfeeds in your local area.


It is also your Instagram ad, and will run on their platform as well.  Due to Facebook’s current advertising guidelines and compliance restrictions, we are currently limited on what we can display on our Facebook ads.  It is the only ad on which we cannot feature your logo or your own images, and must instead use a pre-approved stock image.  If you would like to look through some of our other photo options, you can do so by clicking the Add Comment or File button, then Select, then browse through our gallery to see if there is another photo you like.


If you are looking for a photo that shows something specific, let your producer know in a comment and they will see if they can find a new compliant photo that meets your needs.  We also currently have character restrictions on our Facebook ads, with 40 characters (including spaces) in the primary text at the top of your ad, 14 characters for your phone number, and 35 characters for your display address.  Let your producer know if you need assistance condensing your desired ad text to this length.

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