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One of our premier products are our videos, made by our talented Multimedia Producers.  If you have a video included with your advertising package, your producer will begin the process within one business day from when you sign up by creating your video script.  At this time, we currently offer two different types of videos on our accounts: a Video Montage that is approximately 45-60 seconds in length, and a YouTube Preroll Ad that is 15 seconds in length.

To access your video manager page and check the status of your video, first log in to your dashboard.  From the Overview page, click the red tile that reads Manage my video.


If you have more than one video included with your ad package, select the button to Manage this Video Montage or Manage this YouTube Pre-Roll, depending on which video you would like to review.


On the following page, you can see your video script or your video viewer, your current uploads for this video, and a comment section where you can correspond with your producer and review past comments regarding the development of your video.

Video Montage
Your Video Montage combines your video script professionally recorded by our professional voice actors with your photos or video clips, our stock images and video, or a combination of the two, to create an engaging video that will appeal to your customers.  Your first video proof will be created within nine (9) days of your script’s approval, and revisions to your video are generally completed within 1-2 business days.  If no changes are requested, your video will automatically go live after five (5) days.  We can also provide changes to a completed and approved video on a quarterly basis, or once every three months.  If you have any specific requests about your video, be sure to communicate them with your producer in the comments section on your video manager page.

Once you have approved of your montage, we will provide you with an embed code, which you can use to place your video directly onto your website.  We will also give you a Facebook Share tool so you can post your video on Facebook, and a link to your video on YouTube which you can use to share on other social media platforms.  Click here to learn more about embedding or sharing your video.

Youtube Preroll
Your YouTube Preroll Ad is a 15-second ad that will appear before viewers in your local area watch monetized videos within your local area.  Just like with your video montage, we will create a first proof of your YouTube Preroll within nine (9) days of your script approval, and we will automatically post your video montage to YouTube for public viewing within five (5) days of the video’s first upload if no changes are requested.

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