How can I increase my actions?

Ad exposure leads to actions, and actions can lead to business! To get the most out of your advertising package, you will want to maximize your potential for actions. To do so, there are a few easy things you could try.

Update your coupons! Customer love receiving full-priced goods and services at discounted rates. Give people a good reason to contact you rather than your competitors.


Share your video! The Video Montage will be better-utilized if you regularly share it to your social media platforms. You can also embed it directly onto your personal website by grabbing the video embed code found on the Manage My Video page on your dashboard.



Upgrade your account! An account upgrade will guarantee additional ad exposure, thus leading to more actions. Our Customer Support team will be able to help you with this.

Account Review
Schedule an account review! Discussing ad performance with one of our account specialists will allow for you to gain a clear understanding of your ads’ online performance.

Remember, you can keep track of actions on the My Ad Activity page on your dashboard.


 For questions regarding your actions, you can reach out to our Customer Support team at 866-912-7090 from Monday – Friday, 7AM to 4 PM Pacific Time, email or submit a request.

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