Ad Placement Overview

From the Ad placement tile on your dashboard you can change the target area where your Mobile, Facebook, and Youtube Preroll* ads are displaying. To start, click on the dark blue Ad placement tile.


This will pull up the Set Your Target Market box with a map of your local area. To quickly change where your ads are being displayed, click and drag the location marker to a different point on the map. Use the tools in the top left corner to zoom in and out. We recommend leaving your marker and radius in one place for at least 30 days, to allow you to collect proper data and analytics on performance.


Your initial target market is set up during your sales call based on your business address, business type, and the population in your area, but can easily be adjusted using this tool.  You can also increase or decrease the radius based on your needs by using the “Hyperlocal,” “Local,” and “Regional” selections. You will receive the same amount of impressions regardless of your radius size, so it’s important to consider which size will work best for your business.

targetmarket_hyperlocal.PNG targetmarket_local.PNG targetmarket_regional.PNG

Hyperlocal targeting targets people in the closest vicinity to your business. This targeting type is best for businesses that want to target people right around them, or for when potential customers won’t use your services if your business is located too far from them (ex. retail stores, restaurants, etc.)

Local targeting targets people in a slightly larger area around your business. Use this for when your customers maybe be willing to drive a bit longer to visit your business, or when you travel to your customers (ex. plumbing, roofing, senior care, etc.)

Regional targeting targets the widest area around your business, and should be used for businesses where your customers may want to travel, or when your business travels to people and you need to encompass the largest area (ex. hotels, towing, wineries, etc.)

Once you are satisfied with your target market, hit “Save Target Market.” Please allow up to an hour for our system to make the desired changes.

*Not all ads may be included in your marketing package.

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