Where will customers find my mobile ad?

Your mobile ad runs through the Google Display Network and can show on thousands of different popular websites and apps.


When the ads display and why is based on a couple of different factors specific to your campaign.

Your Target Market
Potential customers will only see your Mobile Ad if they are within the area set up as your target market. You can view or change this area at anytime through the Ad placement section of the dashboard. Try to find the area that works best for attracting new customers and the radius that works best for your business.


Your Business Type
Our system automatically learns and bids on key words for your Mobile Ads based on your business category. This system is designed to put your ads in front of the people they would be most relevant to, which can help optimize your performance. It’s important to ensure your business is in the best fit category for you so that the right people are seeing your ads. You can change your category information at any time through the edit basic information section of the dashboard.


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