What is Geofencing and How Does it Help My Marketing?

Geofencing records a user’s physical location through the internet whenever that user enters location information or allows a web service to access his or her location. Geofencing enables digital marketers to target finely grained audiences with ease and precision – from entire geographical regions and zip codes down to individual households and street addresses.

If the user’s location matches your geofence’s parameters, that user will see your ad, while those outside of the parameters you set will not see your ad. This ensures the best-possible targeting of your message, as well an efficient and cost-effective way to deploy it

Geofencing in Action
Geofencing is no longer a nice-to-have element of digital marketing. It’s essential for brands of all sizes.

  • Mobile marketing: People use their mobile devices for everything – including, ever-increasingly, making purchasing decisions. Since mobile devices are equipped with GPS, through analytics, you not only know where your customers are. You know where they’ve been, too, which gives you valuable insight into their behavior.
  • Precise messaging: In messaging, one size fits none. We get the best results in marketing when we carefully tailor our message to truly speak to our specific audience. With geofencing, it’s easy to test approaches with different audience segments, find what works the best where, and optimize your approach. Better yet, you will likely gain insights that were more difficult or impossible to glean before.
  • Real-time leverage: You can use geofencing to interact with your customers and prospects in real time. Is a prospect searching for your service – and is also close to your business? Through geofencing, you can prompt that person to come take a look. You can even proactively give them driving or walking directions to your business.
  • Glocalization matters: With its emphasis on locality, geofencing may seem like a tactic best suited for small- and medium-sized businesses. But local marketing is just as important for national and global enterprises. Localization brings national and global brands to life in the customer’s everyday world.

Low-Effort, High-Impact Segmentation
Geofencing is a very sophisticated and precise technology – but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Our platform does the work for you with presets for regional (10-mile radius), local (6-mile radius), and hyperlocal (3-mile radius) options.

Geofencing is one of the most powerful toolkits in a digital marketer’s arsenal, and it’s especially crucial for mobile marketing. Thankfully, it’s very easy to get started – and lends itself to experimentation.

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